Many ladies have been harassed, molested, beaten and even raped and they couldn’t call for help because they didn’t know how!
You can improve your personal security using your mobile device. Alert friends and family, ask for escorts, activate secret calls by secret gestures or shaking your device… You can even do more in this Ladies Security Class. It is a class that is suited for the dangerous times we are in. 


My name is Onuoha Enyinnaya Charles, I am a Computer Consultant by training and a Certified Application Security Analyst. My passion as a programmer and my day job as a lecturer gives me the edge in understanding software and the ability to explain intricate things in a simple manner. I will be tutoring us to maximize our phones in pushing up our safety a few notches upwards.

According to statistics based on estimation from the UN…

  • 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives.
    One in 10 women in the European Union report having experienced cyber-harassment since the age of 15.
  • 23% of female undergraduate university students reported having experienced sexual assault or sexual misconduct in a survey across 27 universities in the United States in 2015

In NIGERIA…(Domestic Violence against Women…Wikipedia)

  • The beating of a wife for the purpose of correction is legal by use of (Section 55 (1) (d) of the Penal Code) as relates in the north.
  • In May 2013, Nigeria’s National Assembly passed a bill to reduce gender-based violence, which is awaiting Senate approval before it becomes law.
  • Rape is criminalized and under the law, the sentence can range from 10 years to life but without proof or evidence, you are on your own.
  • About 25% of women reported forced sex at the hands of either their current partner or a former partner.
  • With this statistics, the government cannot reach us in time and we have to ensure our own safety

I have encountered various women who didn’t consider their safety of utmost importance including my wife. I have also had friends who fell victims of insecurity and some have paid heavily for their ignorance or lack of wit or insensitivity. Some have been groped, molested, embarrassed, abused, beaten and even raped. Many couldn’t call for help because they didn’t know how to!

The purpose of this class is to help other ladies as I have helped my wife and still helping her to stay safe. We all are safe until we no longer are and no one can tell when insecurity comes knocking, we can’t always be too careful but we can take cautions. This class will teach you how to take caution and stay cautious using the smartphone that you have.



  1. Think like a prey, Prepare like a Predator
  2. Defend like a victim, attack like a Victor
  3. Types of phones that define your safety level
  4. 11 ways to stay hidden using your phone
  5. Phone Settings you MUST configure
  6. Creating your Safe Circle or Safety Network
  7. How to call and chat without the internet (data), network or credit unit
  8. Using maps to identify your location and safe distance
  9. Harness the efficacy of your camera
  10. Voice and call recordings never lie
  11. How to make alarms your watchdog
  12. 5 Must have safety Apps
  13. Sensitive apps that care even more than friends
  14. Increase awareness with phone accessories
  15. Using your Phone as an escape tool
  16. 10 Basic Phone safety tips you shouldn’t ignore

The class will run for a period of One Week (Starts 1st September 2018) and we will have the theory, practical sessions, Questions, and Answers and a little Assessment to test our understanding of security.

To join the class you have to download an APP called Google Classroom and I will send you a code to join the class. The class is however NOT FREE. Since I have a lot of FRIENDS here and this is more about security than money, I have decided that we can pay NGN 1000 to attend the class.
To pay, use this link and you will receive a receipt immediately and a code in the next 24hrs, all in your email. Meanwhile, I will pick two topics from the curriculum and give us a foretaste of what is to come. Keep reading…


One of the most important lessons to learn in security is to be aware of your environment.
This same lesson is used by people who want to hurt you, so you must learn it also…in being aware of your environment, you think like a prey (a victim), one who can be hurt and also like a predator, one who wants to hurt another. Everything around you matters, every information you give out builds a map about you



1. Mind what you display
Mind your Dp, status and FB story,
Use different images on your dp and don’t always attach a name to it, if possible use a male’s pix when you can and really, you don’t have to display yourself on your dp or status. If you truly have friends, they already know what you look like,
Most times we are displaying our pictures to strangers or friends of our friends and this can become lethal in the future.

2. Mind your details
Displaying your date of birth and phone numbers connotes a lot. Anyone can use your birthday to get to you by celebrating you and then go one step forward. I have used it before and it works flawlessly because ladies like to be celebrated
Hide your date of birth or get sensitive to all your well wishers, also try not to display your primary number on Whatsapp
Whatsapp is not SIM-dependent it is Number-dependent, meaning you can use any number to set it up even without having a sim in the device. So change your Whatsapp number to another number that is not regular, when someone calls you on WhatsApp, they don’t use your saved number, they use your WhatsApp recorded detail on the server, The number on WhatsApp is a big giveaway and many guys know how to use numbers even if they have never met you before, trust me.

3. Friends n Family Caution
Don’t go about revealing the status of your friends and people around you. Things like taking a photo and saying….”you are the best lodge mate I ever had or “bunkie, you too much”. Also, avoid tagging your family members using the family biodata on facebook.
All these are silent giveaways for people who are called Social engineers

4. Watch your background
When we take pictures, sometimes we want to remember ourselves in some environments so we take much of the background into the detail and that’s ok but YOU MUST NOT DISPLAY IT. Blur your background, if you must show yourself in a picture, let it be yourself, I can use backgrounds to build a detail about your life and use it against you when its time to strike. Use photo apps to work on the pix you display online. Same applies to videos

5. Hide location on Social Media and be mute when necessary.
Facebook sometimes tags our location…Bunmi posted from Lagos
Also, we must not go about saying things like…@As I resume school, Lord help me go through Jebba road safely or Just leaving Lokoja now”, “Lagos here I come…”. stuff like that is very good info for Predators. I have not harmed anyone but in my training as a Security analyst, I have used seemingly little info to get the main details from people that think we have met before, BE CAREFUL, Big issues always start small

6 Keep your likes to yourself
“Awwwwww, my best food”… and you snap and tag
“If only I can get this on my birthday”… and you share a hot bag
on social media, you can mention your best movies, best books, actors, music and add them to your profile. This is also a giveaway
Psychologist and social engineers use them to read you and once they get your phone number, in a few mins you will think you have met someone that really knows you, speech is silver, silence is golden

7 Stay behind the locks
One day I went to visit a friend’s friend (she was ill) for the first time and I went with my son
The moment she saw him, she exclaimed: “He is even cuter than his pix”.
I asked her where she saw him because I don’t put his pics online and she said it was from her friend. I was uncomfortable because she knew him before seeing him. Hide your family pix and use apps to lock them up on your phone(more of this in class)
Also be careful who is on your wallpaper and home screen. I am not saying you shouldn’t celebrate your loved ones, I am saying people are on the lookout, so don’t put them in danger.
Use screen locks and Call locks
No one should be able to access your phone without your access
and no one should be able to pick your calls even if they try (there are apps that ensure this, I will share these apps in class though)

8 Use alternate Accounts
A number of phones allow you to create a guest account. Use it
When you give your phone to someone, they will want to go through your SMS, photos, and chats, it’s a natural impulse, it’s your duty to help them fight that temptation but more importantly to protect your privacy. Create a guest account so that even when someone thinks he/she is in your parlour….they are just in the guest room. also, there are apps that help you create dual accounts for apps, so you can have two WhatsApp or Instagram apps on your phone and you know which is really the main one. If someone is after you, don’t make it easy. Trust is expensive. I will work us through these processes in our practical classes
Three more points and we will be done…

9 Be Smart in saving stuff
Don’t just go ahead and save a number as Daddy or hubby or Wifey
Let your names be coded because people know how to locate loved ones on your phone.
Imagine you left your phone unlocked and a friend who doesn’t mean well takes it and gets a loved one’s number and sends a funny text or calls or does something to mess things up, it starts from your carefreeness sometimes. The first two topics
Think like a prey, Prepare like a Predator
Defend like a victim, attack like a Victor
will handle these in details

10 Do not notify them
Hide your notifications!
Allowing your alerts to flash on your screen could be a turn-on for some people.
Your chatheads might pop up with personal information that will give you away when your phone is not properly protected. There are apps that alert you audibly about your notifications but hides it visually. Use them, that’s why they were designed.

11 Lastly…Use a phone pouch
for someone like me, knowing the phone you use can trigger my analytical mind and i can determine how safe you are with the make of your phone. Funny but true! Use a pouch to hide what phone you are using, if you can’t hide it because of the position of the name branding and stuff like that then its okay but if you can, you should. (Use stickers if that is more convenient. )
Using a pouch also limits people from removing your battery case to check for details. Trust me people do a lot when you are not watching, just like apps that steal info and we don’t know.

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